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Senior Associate in the Dispute resolution practice at the Ahmedabad office of Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. Rinkel specialises in civil and commercial litigation. She can be reached at

Foreign Contributions Regulations in India

India’s diverse social fabric needs no introduction. In a developing country, ‘constructive’ philanthropy designed to cater to the fast-growing needs is particularly important. In a country with massive population such as ours, it’s often difficult for the government machinery to engineer a trickle down of every social welfare scheme. This is where Non-governmental organisations or associations (‘NGOs’) come in to play an important part. They work with the government and focus on their purpose, which can be religion, human rights, animal rights, poverty eradication, environment, etc. NGOs can be international, national, or regional and can adapt quickly and respond to the changing needs of the society faster than a government organisation which require executive and electoral approval for action.[1]Continue Reading Foreign Contributions Regulations in India – Towards a Stricter Regime